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Organic Cayenne Pepper 20g

Organic Cayenne Pepper 20g

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Liven up your dishes with the red-hot fire of ground chili peppers. With tart flavors and smoky overtones difficult to find in other chilis, cayenne pepper is a common ingredient in Mexican and Cajun cuisine and is one of the components of the famous Tabasco sauce. Commonly used in Szechuan cuisine, it's about a three out of five on the pepper hot scale. Also an effective anti-irritant.


Recipes using clove usually require very little of its rich, pungent and almost hot flavor as it is quite powerful. Clove is used in meat dishes, curries and marinades as well as for cooking fruits like apples, pears and rhubarb. Pairs well with cinnamon, cumin, ginger, nutmeg, and star anise and found in blends like pumpkin spice, speculoos spice, and spiced cider. Use whole cloves to stud an orange to make a fragrance pomander, which symbolized warm feelings in Victorian England. Clove oil from whole cloves is one of the most effective remedies for toothache. Also try our clove powder.

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Organic Cayenne Pepper

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