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When shoping eco-consciously, you may have to make decisions based on different criteria that are relevant to you based on your values.

Whether you are looking for organic products, vega products, or want to shop for locally made products - whatever your situation - we are making it easier for you to make the right choices.

We are classifying the products we sell based on 5 eco-criteria: Organic, Plant-based, Local, No plastic, and Fairtrade.

You will find more details about each of these criteria below.


Products that are certified by existing certifications (e.g., JAS Organic, Eco-cert), or are made using strict organic standards.

You may find that some of the small producers' items may not be officially certified because of the costs implied to do so. Such products are vetted by us to ensure it is just as good!

All Organic Products


100% plant-based ingredients (i.e., products that do not contain any animal products such as dairy, meat, fish, seafood, eggs, or honey).

All Plant-based Products


Products with ingredients that are grown and packaged in Japan, or from Japan-based SMEs.

All Local Products


Items that are fair-trade certified or are made with fair treatment of the workers involved (e.g., bean-to-bar).

All Fairtrade Products

No Plastic

No plastic is used for the product, or for the packaging. Paper or home-compostable materials can be used for the packaging.

All No Plastic Packaging Products