Easy Vegan Bolognese Sauce

Easy Vegan Bolognese Sauce

《Makes for 2-3 adults》in 30min

This Bolognese sauce works on pasta, as a red sauce in lasagna, and pizza toast (top your favourite bread with this and some cheese of your choice)! 

You can also chop and add whatever veg you like. One favourite variation is to swap half the amount of the carrot with chopped burdock roots. You will get an explosive umami flavour!

By using the Alce Nero Organic Cooking Tomato Sauce, you can whip this sauce up for dinner on a whim. Save the rest once cool in a ziplock or Stasher in the freezer and thaw a couple hours in the fridge before use.


1) Chop finely (or pulse using an electric chopper) the onion, garlic, carrot, enoki, and celery

2) In a heated pan, add the olive oil and saute the onions until translucent. 

3) Add the carrots, celery, enoki and garlic and saute until the whole amount is about 2/3 of the original volume. Then add cumin powder and mix.

4) Add tomato sauce, crushed atsu-age tofu, mung beans (or lentils), Veg Bouillon and cook on low for at least 5 min before serving.

5) For more depth in flavour, add 1/2 cup red wine of choice and a bay leaf and simmer on low for at least 20 min! 

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