Creamy Hummus

Creamy Hummus

《Makes for 2 adults》in 10 min

This Hummus recipe is what we used as a base for the Hummus we served in our beloved cafe (Slow Ecolab). If you have the time and patience the best way to get the smoothest hummus is to take off the skin of each chickpea.

If you don't have the time for that, make sure to add the ice cube as it will make your hummus fluffier and lighter.

You can also use 255g cooked soy beans instead of the chickpeas for a soy hummus ('s heavier and creamier)!


1) Open the can of boiled chickpea, save some chickpea water, and drain rest.

2) Add all the ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until creamy.

3) Put the hummus into a bowl, and decorate using paprika, other peeled chickpeas and some olive oil. Dip with pita bread, veggie sticks, or just spoon it whole and enjoy!

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